Jump “Outside the Box” and Ignite Your Passion!

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Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I passionate about?”

This was a question I asked myself 12 years ago. At that point I wasn’t really clear on what I was truly passionate about. What I did know was that I was tired of what I was doing at that time. Going to work every day became hard and arduous. I really wanted to feel excited again. I wanted to feel fulfilled. I wanted to feel joy and passion in my life again.

One of the things I was required to do, was to ask myself “What has me be and feel passionate?”

SG3 It’s time to take a leap of faith, trust your heart, and create from your passion.

I began to look at my job and more specifically, what is was about my job that I loved. I realized I loved counselling, training, mentoring, and working 1 on 1 with other professionals. I excelled at helping them bring their productivity, mindset and skills to a new place. What I didn’t like was working for someone else. I didn’t like the hours, paperwork and their policies and procedures. I didn’t like all the extra stuff that comes with having a job and following someone else’s rules.

As I went on my journey and began to put my toe in this place called entrepreneurship, I really began to ask myself how could I turn what I am passionate in, into making money.

What I do today is what I am passionate about. I train I speak I write. The audience that I focus on, are those individuals who want to enhance their skills, enhance their mindset, become more productive, and have more personal mastery, because that’s what I love to do. I’ve built a company that allows me to focus on my passion. I’ve created schedules, hired support and developed joint ventures that all allow me to live and work from my passion.

Why am I sharing this with you? I’m sharing it with you because often we think that we have-to do what we’ve always done, and that everything has to look a certain way.

I was speaking a few weeks ago and one of the realizations I had while I was preparing for that talk, was that wealthy people are creators. They take their education, their knowledge, their skillsets, and they think beyond what I would call, “The Box”. They think outside of what’s the norm and they create from their passion. They use their skill sets and uniqueness to bring something new to market. You’ll notice if you look at the evolution from traditional phone to iPhone… it’s just an expansion and a new way of looking at an old idea. We had car and now Elon Musk who created the electric car, again It’s out of the box thinking of taking something that already exists and making it better. You can see it time and time again.

SG6 Imagine getting paid for your value rather than getting paid by the hour.

My ask of you, is what is the outside of the box thinking that you can create if you if you ignite your passion and your brilliance?

As I leave you, please remember you are brilliant. You are very special. You are perfectly unique, and the world is waiting for you to bring your brilliance to the market place.


Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker, master trainer and author. Knowing that Health plus wealth creates freedom, Suzan’s mindset mastery hardworking, result driven, busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who secretly feel isolated, overworked and underpaid, to honour their commitment to get fit, feel fabulous, and ultimately live a rich and fulfilled life. Suzan’s desire is for you to be unapologetically recognized for your value, financially rewarded for your brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of yourself. Suzan Hart went from physically exhausted and financially upside down to become a Black Woman Millionaire. She is the creator of the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled program. To book Suzan to speak visit www.suzanhart.com.

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