Are “Counting Calories” and “Hours at the Gym” not giving you the results you crave?

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Secrets the Million Dollar weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know!

November 18th & 19th 2016

11:00am – 6:00pm est

Featuring Successful & Fit Brothers + Sisters:

Dr Venus

Gazel Woods

Dr Tamika Anderson

  • Because it’s been extremely difficult to discover in one place a group of successful, fit and health focussed Brothers + Sisters who’ve dedicated themselves to spreading the message of optimal health. Who decided they weren’t going to settle for the fate of pre-disposition. And who’ve created service based income as they’ve achieved their own dream for themselves.
  • It’s been extremely difficult to find a group of Brothers + Sisters ready and willing to tell you exactly where their inspiration and motivation has come from. (So you can be inspired too.) And what made the biggest difference in their health success. So you can use the tools and knowledge to start creating the results you deserve, much faster than you think.
  • And it’s been extremely difficult to gain access to this collection of inspired success so easily. And the only investment is your time.


BUT for the first time all that is changing… successful & fit Brothers + Sisters have stepped up, and paved the path for all of us to follow. AND more than that, they want to walk us through.

A once-in-a-lifetime lineup of incredible men & women who have walked the walk. (Some of them are still RIGHT IN IT! ) They are leading the way on their OWN health journey. And are passionate about sharing their failures and successes on their journey with YOU.

Okay. So Why a Tele-Summit?suzan-hart_081_mg_2583-edit

Because I was once just like you… I was always giving from an empty cup and feeling run down and stretched beyond my breaking point.I found it hard to put myself first. I would not/could not imagine taking a whole day just for me. Even if I knew it would greatly benefit my health. Even though I knew it had the potential to change my health mindset. Even though I knew taking time out for me was exactly what I needed. There was no time. Sound Familiar? So why are we doing a two-day (virtual) Tele-Summit devoted EXCLUSIVELY to exposing the secrets the Million Dollar weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know?

Because EVERYONE deserve access to the information that could change the way they relate to their health FOREVER!

I’m serious. In fact…

  • Heart disease accounts for 24% of all African American deaths.
  • 4.9 million African Americans age 20 or older have diabetes—that’s 18.7% of the population!
  • 40.9% of Men and 44.8% of Women over the age of 20 have High Blood Pressure
  • 37.6% of Men and 56.9% of Women over the age of 20 are Obese


And yet, MOST of this could be avoided with simply with Diet & Lifestyle changes!

So why don’t we maintain the historical health and fitness of our warrior ancestors?

Here’s why.

The survival strategies our ancestors learned from slavery that have been passed down to us have become our “normal.” It has become more important to invest on what we put ON us instead of what we put IN us. We feel the increased pressure to show the Jones’s that “we fit in”, “we belong”, “we have arrived” and “we are valuable”. Who gets socially rewarded for great blood pressure and low sugar? Thinking and investing this way literally robs us of millions and millions of dollars and the quality of our physical future.

Simply put: Keeping up with the Jones’s is slowly killing you.

And I am NOT okay with that.

So I brought together an amazing panel of authentic and accessible, brother and sister health enthusiasts to reveal their private internal transformations (as well as some top tips) so YOU can discover what it REALLY takes to bullet proof your health and inspire your community… the right way.

Each guest is unique. They either:

 …run their own health business.

…have created or run a health care line specific to our community.

…have risen above their surroundings and claimed the life they deserve.

…had great health (or so they thought), had their world rocked, and are re-building themselves the right way!

…once believed the myths created by the million dollar health industry. (This is sooooooo valuable! For everyone who still believes in DIEting, what these health entusiasts reveal may be just the EXACT thing you need to hear so you can cross over from starvation to abundance and watch the pounds and inches melt away!)


To join us for this no-cost tele-Summit exposing the secrets the Million Dollar weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know, shared by Sexy and Fit Brother & Sister Health Enthusiasts, just enter your name and email below and you’ll be sent your access details.

Don’t Forget…

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