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Last week, we had a discussion about whether or not people who are physically fit and healthy out earn people who are not. What we found out was that people who are physically fit and healthy, tend to earn, on average, a higher income than people that are not. What we really began to explore was that it was possibly because of their habits.

It reminded me of when I was 13 and I ran track in high school. At one of our meets, we had a coach come out, his name was Luc Bienvenue and Luc was scouting for runners. He chose 4 girls from my little high school in the middle of nowhere in the eastern townships of Quebec, and I was fortunate to be chosen as one of them.

I remember when Luc started working with us, he asked us this very clear question. He asked if we wanted to be really good runners. I was 13 wide eyed and the answer was “of course I do, Yes I do”. He asked the question again… ” Do you want to be an excellent runner, one of the best runners?” again I said “absolutely I definitely do!” But then he asked the question a third time. I said yes but now I was getting a little impatient.

SG1 Become that which you seek now.

What he said next has always stuck with me. He said “if you want to be a great runner, an excellent runner, the best of the best, you would have to become a great runner now. You would have to embody the habits, the lifestyle, the attitude and the behavior of a great runner.”

As I am older, I understand that what he was saying is that you have to become that which you seek now.

As he began to train us, he trained us like he would top athletes. He told us when we were supposed to train and we often trained in the summer particularly and twice a day. He told us what we were supposed to eat and what we were not allowed to eat. He told us what our attitude was going to be like and what our work ethic was going to be like. He started us on strength and conditioning training, that was my first introduction to weight training and circuit training.

I remember one practice he brought us to the bottom of what seemed to be a mountain to me at the time, and he said we were supposed to run up the mountain. We all looked at him like he was nuts, but he started running and said you’d better catch up. I never thought we could do it, but we pushed through our discomfort and the heaviness in our legs, and we got to the top of that hill and we felt so amazing. I remember we stood by a big cross at the top and looked down in disbelief of our accomplishment. In another practice he took us to a cow pasture. He had us do our intervals in that field and said that we were going to have to get our knees up or else we would fall. He was training us to extend our stride.

Another day I got to practice and it was one of those really hot summer days, I was sure we were not going to have to train. The track was tar and it was so hot that the steam was rising up off it. Luc hosed off the track and told us to get into our blocks… we were practicing starts that day.

As we continued these different exercises my mindset began to change, my behaviour began to change. I was transforming into a different person.

When he put us on the track that next summer I remember our first race. When we were crossing the finish line, many of the other teams were still passing the third baton. Our speed had increased so much that it was mind boggling even to us as runners.SG4 It's your habits that have you win

He brought us to a national championship and the 4 little girls from a small school in the middle of nowhere, broke the 4×1 indoor relay. What stuck with me was that the race was won the day he asked those questions. He had us become what he desired and he trained us like winners. He was developing the mindset and the habits that would have us win not only on the track, but also in life.

I thought that he was creating great athletes, however he was actually creating successful people.

So back to my question, why do physically fit and healthy people tend to earn more income? I believe it is because the discipline of taking care of your body is the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have. It is you mastering yourself. In the same way we mastered ourselves in order to win those races and become better runners, the same mastery can be applied to business, to your finances and relationships. It is that mastery and those habits that have you win.

The piece I would like to add is when I was doing my research I read that Self-Made Millionaires have four key habits in common.

  1. They go to bed early and they sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night.
  2. They are part of the 5 o’clock club. They wake between 5 and 6 and they work on their personal self during that time.
  3. They exercise and move their body about 3.5 hours every single week.
  4. They tend to have a healthier than average meal plan.

They believe that level of personal mastery and discipline impacts how they are in business.

So do physically fit people earn more income? Yes! and the reason is why is because their level of personal mastery and their habits impact everything else in their life.

Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker, master trainer and author. Knowing that Health plus wealth creates freedom, Suzan’s mindset mastery hardworking, result driven, busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who secretly feel isolated, overworked and underpaid, to honour their commitment to get fit, feel fabulous, and ultimately live a rich and fulfilled life. Suzan’s desire is for you to be unapologetically recognized for your value, financially rewarded for your brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of yourself. Suzan Hart went from physically exhausted and financially upside down to become a Black Woman Millionaire. She is the creator of the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled program. To book Suzan to speak visit

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